I recently completed a Branding photo shoot for Unexpected Things. They’re a bespoke vintage car hire company with their classic chauffeured 1935 Buick sedan located in the South-West of WA. Unexpected Things is the brainchild of Jasmine and Jim Porter. 

Big Jim as he is warmly known is a classic car enthusiast and collector. Many of which he has lovingly restored including the Buick. When Jim arrived for the photo shoot. It was in his bright fire red orange coloured 1951 V8 Chevy Pick Up. Or in Aussie speak, a ute. He uses the Chevy as his everyday drive around vehicle. I asked if he would like to swap his Chevy for my new modern Mitsy Triton ute. There was an empathic no and an outright refusal!

As with any successful photo shoot careful planning and liaising with the client is essential. After our initial agreement and being commissioned for the photo shoot. I suggested I complete a Recce of the location of where the photo shoot would take place. This was so I could visualise the pictures and plan their settings. Also checking the light of where it would fall and at what time for the selected areas as the backdrops for the pictures.

We chose to shoot in the late afternoon when the light was softening and becoming warmer. Enhancing the burgundy colour of the Buick. I was fortunate that the photo shoot would take place in late December. When the grasses in the paddocks had dried to a golden colour. We were able to use that lovely warm light of the magic hour. The magic hour is a term used in photography and film. It is the hour before sunset when the sun is positioned low in the sky. Near the horizon casting a golden warm and flattering light

The shoot went smoothly with a minimum of fuss. We achieved all the pictures on the shoot list in the various chosen locations. Timing it perfectly to use the light of the sunset which illuminated the golden paddocks as a backdrop.

Jim was excellent, model extraordinaire for the day. His warm friendly character showed through in the pictures. As the owner chauffeur he took great pride explaining to me the restoration process of his beloved Buick.

Once the selected pictures from the edit had their individual post production completed. Then they were delivered digitally to Jasmine and Jim via their own dedicated web gallery. Both delighted with the outcome and said the pictures had exceeded their expectations. 

Happy clients, Happy photographer, Happy days

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